Artistic Direction
Gianluigi Ricuperati
Organizational Direction
Caterina Pellion di Persano
Organizing Secretary
Erika Larcher
Press and Communication

The Italians of yesterday
narrated by the today's protagonists

The project Canale 150
means to sketch a portrait of Italy
through the stories of people
who have been living in it
and building it in the last 150 years.

150 Italians of today, representing all the fields of knowledge, culture and professions, narrate to the public 150 Italian of yesterday, wiht the only help of what they can bring on the stage.

A multi-sided project, operating on different platforms: ten performances in big Italian cities (Turin, Rome, Venice, Neaples, Florence, Bari, Milan, Aosta and Genoa), a big final event, workshops and competitions for schools and universities, visibility in television programs, a web site for extras, specials and forum, streaming of the events.
The ten events started on March 2010 and will continue until November 2011. In each session there will be 15 biographies and 15 special moderators, 150 biographies in total.

The project is realized thanks to the collaboration of Comitato Italia 150, Telecom Italia and Fondazione CRT.