Canale 150 è un’iniziativa
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Nichi Vendola

Canale 150 ends his tour

All videos are online

Photos now online

Photos of Canale 150's tour are available in program section.

Videos of the première are online

Videos of Canale 150's tour are available in Web TV section.

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Videos of Milan / 23 November 2010

Milan, november 16th and 17th / 23 November 2010

you can book for Palazzo Reale, 16 and 17 november / 04 November 2010

Milan, november 16th - 17th / 22 September 2010

Videos of Rome, June 22nd / 19 July 2010

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The project

The project Canale 150
means to sketch a portrait of Italy
through the stories of people
who have been living in it
and building it in the last 150 years. 150 Italians of today, representing all the fields of knowledge, culture and professions, narrate to the public 150 Italian of yesterday, wiht the only help of what they can bring on the stage. more


Traforo del Monte Bianco